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    About Chau

    Chau was born in Vietnam and has lived in Pearland, TX for the past 14 years. While attending the University of Houston, he was avidly involved in various volunteer opportunities that taught him the value of helping others. After college, Chau trained in the service industry which provided him the opportunity to learn important customer service skills and sparked his passion to broaden his abilities in order to be of service to others. Driven by this desire, he started his career in Real Estate with Red Lion Realty Group.

    From his own personal experience, Chau understands the joy and pride of home ownership and wants to guide and help others achieve their goal of owning a home. He uses state of the art strategic marketing techniques, competitive market analysis and skilled negotiating expertise to bring buyers and sellers together. Chau consistently invests in furthering his education and continually applies the latest technologies available. Chau finds great pride in being able to help clients and take part in their happiness.

    Chau is fluent in English and Vietnamese. He grew up in a loving, close knit family and enjoys spending quality time with them. He and his wife enjoy the outdoors, camping, fishing, sightseeing and working out. Chau likes to learn about new cultures and is adventurous when it comes to dining on different cuisines.



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